How to Sell On Jaraja Marketplace

Setting up your store on Jaraja is simple.

Take product picture

Complete The Online form

Upload picture and submit

1. Use a digital camera or smartphone to take a photo of the item you wish to sell;

2. Log on to, register/create an account;

3. Select an appropriate category for the item, write an accurate description, with sufficient details of the item and upload the pictures;

How to Buy On Jaraja Marketplace

Buying on Jaraja is simple.

Goto The Market Place

Search For a product or

Submit Your buy order

1. Just log on to

2. Click on “Buy” or “Market Place” to go to the market place where all the listed products are displayed

3. You can scroll through the pages to see different products or search for a particular products by using the “Search” box

4. You may also submit a “Buy Order” for particular products and capable Sellers will contact you


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