About Jaraja

Jaraja Online Market Place is owned by Jaraja e-Commerce Limited.

Our aim is to enhance and accelerate trade in goods and services, including soft and hard commodities, produced in select host countries in Africa, starting with Nigeria. Our focus is the non-oil sector, particularly manufacturing, agriculture, solid minerals and services sectors.

The platform is basically a virtual market place set up to give a face to the micro-producer, provide opportunity for the young aggregator, accelerate the growth of small companies and expand the reach of the medium enterprises by giving them a state-of-the-art platform to showcase their goods and services, bringing to the world the best of Nigeria most never knew existed.

 We want to showcase the glories of Nigeria;

 We want to give a face/identity to made-in-Nigerian products on the globe;

 We want local and international manufacturers to connect with local suppliers; and

 Subsistence products aggregated, an online produce aggregation – like the groundnut pyramids of yesteryears!

Jaraja seeks to lead the digital marketing of “made-in-Nigeria” products and services.

Jaraja – Made in Nigeria… For the World!


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